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leaf  book two

I’m glad you guys are interested in what we’re doing in school! It makes it super easy to write/blog because it’s what we’re already doing during the day. Way cool. I have plans to show you some apple hand pies (that are kid friendly!) next week, but for now, here’s a cool thing we’re learning.


We’ve been doing some fun activities to go along with this gorgeous time of year, and learning all about chlorophyll and photosynthesis (in way simple terms, think sunlight —> green —> food —> oxygen). Also, and this is really what I’ve been getting jazzed about,  learning to identify trees by their leaf shape!

We started the week by going for a walk and collecting all the leaves we could find. Then we pressed them between paper towels and under some heavy books for a few days and we’ve been playing with them ever since. Simple math activities like ordering greatest to least, counting, ordinal numbers (first, second, third), categorizing by size and color…all sorts of fun.

Then I traced each leaf onto white paper and together Adrienne and I  looked at this graphic to find and label all of the outlines. Next we made them into a leaf booklet, and it’s been fun to collect more leaves on our subsequent walks and see if they match the outlines we already have, or if we need to identify more trees. It makes me laugh when we step outside and Adrienne and I excitedly start pointing and yelling MAPLE! BIRCH! ASPEN! – I swear, I’m learning so much in kindergarten.

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