AB face

(Adrienne requested this picture because she remembered the one I took last year)

leaf stomping

baby bear

(he had just woken up from a nap…little sleepy eyes)

pumpkin throwing

little helper


(This kid loves to work! He likes for things to be in their correct place, so toys, clothes, dishes, leaves…whatever, he’s into putting things away. How did I get so lucky?!)


cracker break

(I think there was some sort of cracker dispute going on here ^^)


Meeker was out of town hunting this weekend, so among other things, we raked leaves to keep ourselves busy. I don’t know how you mamas with frequently traveling husbands do it. We managed to stay pretty busy for the four days he was gone, but any longer and those days would have really started stretching out without some other adult to talk to in the house!

So, Sunday afternoon we spent a few hours cleaning up our yard. I actually love raking leaves (especially if I have help bagging them!) I have such happy memories of raking (or jumping into) leaves when I was a kiddo. It’s one  of the only memories I have of the first house I lived in growing up…outside in the backyard with my dad jumping over and over again into a huge pile of leaves, and then burrowing down and making him come find me.

I hope my two somehow remember this warm, sunny November afternoon too. I know I will.

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