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In July we’ll be a family of five!  Jesse now thinks every person in the world has a baby in his/her belly, and Adrienne doesn’t care if it’s a boy or a girl, she is just pumped to have another person in our family. Meeker and I are overjoyed and a little nervous. A family of FIVE? That’s real adulthood. Eeeep. But a baby!!! It’s all we’ve ever wanted.

And with that, I feel the time has come for me to close this chapter. To say goodbye to this little space. It’s 3:20am as I type this and Adrienne just woke up crying about not being able to find a toy she went to bed with, and after we found it, I couldn’t go back to sleep, so here I am.

Here I am in the middle of the night trying to put into a short paragraph what this blog has meant to me over the last six (SIX!) and a half years. I vividly remember sitting on my deck talking to my mom on the phone about what a blog was on the day I decided to start this thing. July 14, 2009. Sheesh, that was a lifetime ago.

I’ll just have to leave it at thank you. Thank you for reading when this blog was brand new, and I was a new teacher who had a lot of life and a lot of words to share. Thank you for your kindness and support when Adrienne was born. The love you poured out on our family…just wow. Thank you (ohmygosh THANK YOU) for all the connections and prayers and amazingness you graced me with when my mom died. This blog was so much to me then. It meant everything to have this space to grieve. Thank you for staying with me when Jesse was born and I didn’t sleep for a year. Thank you for checking in to see if we’d made muffins or cake or a quick dinner recipe. So much gratitude. So much. It’s incredible how writing right here defined me for so long, and how it helped shape me into who I am. I have so much love and gratitude for you all.

(and I will be keeping the blog up – at least for now – because of all those memories and recipes that I just can’t imagine disappearing. I’m not ready for that, and maybe won’t ever be. So, if you  want to see the things I ate in 2010, or want to read some birth stories or ,or are curious about Meeker’s favorite cookie, have no fear, they’ll still be around.)

So, goodbye. Actually, see you later, because I will still overshare our lives on Instagram, I’m sure. Thank you for everything. A million thank yous for being such a huge part of our lives. Thank you for walking with our family. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

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