I would never forget the day I attended by cousin’s wedding. The very first thing I saw when I entered the reception hall was the mind-blowingly beautiful wedding cake. It was so amazing that I never finished my dinner just because I wanted to get my hands on that beautiful cake as soon as possible. So I just waited until the bridegroom cut the cake and before I knew it, I was taking a piece.

That is the effect I want you to have with your wedding cake as well. That decades later, people would remember how great your cake was and they still talk about it. Because at the end of the day, that’s why we are doing it isn’t it? Click here if you want to order cheap cakes online in India.

So we can create great memories with our loved ones. And when we get older, we get to talk about those beautiful moments you’ve had with each other?

But here’s the thing. Beautiful wedding cakes do not have to break your bank. They seriously don’t. I’ve seen people literally spend thousands of dollars just on their wedding cake. And to be honest, they’re not even that great.

So you see why I was so compelled to write this article. I was to help people get the best bang for their buck, while still having a great time. I don’t want you to worry about how expensive the cake is and how quickly people eat it and forget it.

That’s why I’ve compiled an amazing list of 3 budget saving wedding cake ideas that you will love.

Let’s get started:


  1. Cut Down Your Guest List

I know this is the hardest thing to do because you want to invite almost anyone that might have met you throughout your life. And that is why this is the very first tip.

By cutting your guest list, you can significantly bring down the cost of your cake. Not only that, you will also bring down the cost of your catering as well.

There are many bakers that offer pricing based on the slice of the cake. So for instance, if it costs $1.25 per slice and you are inviting 250 people, your cake without any décor will cost $312.5.

I’m assuming that you will want some kind of decoration on your cake.

But remember, the more intricate the details are, the more expensive your cake will get. If you want a 4-tiered cake with an Aladdin theme, it will cost you more because someone has to work on the houses, genie’s lamp, etc. It takes labor, and more labor means a higher price.


  1. Shop Around

I’m amazed by how many people miss this step. It’s just mind-boggling.

You never want to order your cake to the first baker you meet. Check around with different bakers and see what they have to offer and whether you guys will be a good fit.

It is your wedding, it’s a big deal. And you don’t want them to mess things up. The delivery, the taste, the décor, should be nothing less than perfect.


  1. Do Your Research

This is more important than shopping around. You want to know the experience of past customers of the baker that you’re going to work with. Go on Yelp, check out the reviews. And if you’re not afraid to ask the baker directly, ask for their past customers and get their contact details.

Call them up and ask them about their experience with that baker. Dig deep like an FBI agent and know the experience of almost every customer they’ve had in the past.

This goes back to my 2nd tip, you do not want them messing up your order at the last minute. That is the reason why you are going through all these steps.

Once you find a reasonable baker, it’s time to meet them and have a sit down.

And now is the time to negotiate, ask questions like:

  • Can they customize the wedding cake according to your needs or do they only work with certain styles
  • What are the different flavors and fillings that they offer
  • How are their wedding cakes priced?
  • Are there any extra fees that are not included with the price
  • Do they have a cake-cutting fee
  • How do they deliver the cake

And more…

These are all important questions.

These tips don’t just apply for wedding cakes. You can also use them for birthday cakes. Also, check this out if you’re looking for cheap birthday cakes online.

Have a good one.

Until next time.

  • Lindsay