Everyone loves birthday cakes. Not only are they the most exciting thing on a birthday, their decoration is very interesting and fun as well. I love the time when my family gathers around just to discuss the different types of decorations they want on their birthday cake.

We do intense research on the internet, share pictures of birthday cakes and compare which one is better. Then we also talk about how much it would cost, etc. The whole thing allows my family to get their creative juices flowing and before we know it, we have found a winner that all of us will love and our guests will be amazed once again.

But if you’ve been putting off the planning of birthday cake decoration till the last minute, worry not. I am here to rescue you from pulling an all-nighter just for this. I have compiled a list of 3 easy to make, amazing birthday cake decoration ideas. If you really don’t want to make the cakes yourself, you can check out the best online cake order company.

So without any further ado, lets jump right into it:


  1. Butterfly Birthday Cake

People love butterflies, and they also love birthday cakes. Combine the two and you’ve got a winner.

All you have to do, is have a 9 inch round cake, cut off the dome of the cake. Once you’ve done that, then cut the cake like a peace sign. And that’s it, you’re 90% finished. Now all you have to do is flip the four pieces of the cake over and make sure that all four corners are facing the center.

And viola! You have a butterfly cake.


  1. Castle Cake

This one is a little bit harder to make. But believe me, your children will love you for this. I remember when my parents made a castle cake for me and my brother. It was an Aladdin themed castle cake. And I still love it.

For this cake, you will need four 8 inch square cakes. And just like the butterfly cake, you will have to cut off the dome of the cakes to make sure that they are flat on both sides. Now, stack three cakes on top of the other. Make sure you add frosting in between these cakes to keep them together.

The frosting can be anything, pink, chocolate, whichever you prefer.

Now, cut the fourth cake into quarters and place two pieces in the center of the three cakes that you have already stacked.

Lastly, get four ice cream cones and place them upside down on each corner of the cake. These will be the four towers of the castle. And now you have a castle cake. All you have to do now is add doors, windows, etc. with different colored icing and you are all set.


  1. Electric Guitar Cake

This one is perfect if you have a music lover in your family. And this is easy to make as well, just like the other 2 cakes.

All you have to do is make a stencil out of poster board and cut out the guitar body and neck. Now, put the two pieces together and add a thin coat of icing. Now decorate with whichever color you like and Viola! You have an electric guitar cake.