I remember back in the day when I ordered a cake for my wedding anniversary, and the guy showed up 3 hours late saying that he was stuck in traffic. And I know that is a real excuse because let’s be honest, there are a ton of cars on the road. But it’s really not a viable excuse because if you are a delivery guy, you know that there will be traffic on a particular route. So if you were going to be 3 hours late for a delivery, you could’ve left 3 hours earlier and made it on time.

I know this sounds like a rant, but it really isn’t because the delivery of cake is never an issue. Just last week I ordered a cake to acondo, which is a preconstruction condominium website and they delivered the cake there as well. I was renting out one of the condos which was still undergoing construction. So if someone can deliver to a preconstruction condo and on time (the elevator was not working that day), so there really is no reason to deliver late to any address.

Anyway, these are the 3 reasons why cake delivery is never a problem for online cake delivery companies: