(Adrienne requested this picture because she remembered the one I took last year) (he had just woken up from a nap…little sleepy eyes) (This kid loves to work! He likes […]



I look just as much forward to Halloween as my kids do. It’s just so much fun! Getting to walk around the neighborhood late at night all dressed up and […]


homemade applesauce

(we left some skin on because I like the texture) (our new GIR spoon, we love their products so much!) We’ve been doing a unit on apples this week, and […]


leaf learning

I’m glad you guys are interested in what we’re doing in school! It makes it super easy to write/blog because it’s what we’re already doing during the day. Way cool. […]


kindergarten, the first month

I am having so much fun teaching kindergarten to my girl. And just to answer any questions you might have upfront, yes she is only four, but I just decided […]


let’s go for a walk

(these reflections make me so happy!) At least once a day, and usually more, someone in the family declares our need for a walk. It’s probably my favorite thing about […]


summer love

(^^his hair grows so fast, I can’t keep up with the haircuts, and I’m jealous.) (^^part of my heart belongs to those mountains in Ouray) (^^Adrienne took this one) Goodness, […]


kids book review and giveaway!

We are lucky enough to be family friends with the super kind and hilarious children’s book author, Justin Matott. I don’t know why I’d never thought to connect with him […]


Jesse Jack // a year and a half

(^^this picture makes me laugh. I had just gasped because I thought they were both going to fall off the table. They didn’t. Then they looked at me like this.) […]


Almond Crust Pear Tart // door to door organics giveaway!

Who wants a pear tart and $50 worth of free organic groceries delivered to your door? Did you raise your hand? You should have. Door to Door Organics  (a really […]