Yes, I want cake.

Okay, so I don’t actually eat cake that often. But when it’s offered, I take it. I love cake. I like to bake it, I like to look at it, I like to smell it and I love to eat it.

I was born and still live in Colorado. I am naturally thin, but I have had my issues with food. I am tall and lanky, so when I gain a few pounds, I am awkward looking. If I lose weight, I look bony which causes family and friends to worry about me. I have been on too many stupid diets, always with varying degrees of success, but for me, they never lead to happiness. I amĀ slowly learning that my identity is more than my appearance and there are more important things in life than food – but not many (smile).

I grew up in a family who loves all food. Sometimes dinners would be as simple as steamed green beans and red potatoes and other times there were complicated meals always prepared with love. My mom loved to try new recipes – and I loved to help. Meals were always built around a vegetable, and not a meat (something that my husband just can’t seem to grasp). However, something that my family always celebrated was a healthy portion of dessert. And when it was available, cake was always a logical choice for breakfast.

Exercise is also something that is near and dear to my heart. I love it – truly – love it. I have been on various exercise kicks. I am blessed to be naturally athletic, and I grew up playing every sport I could squeeze in (soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, cross-country, summer softball, etc.) After high school there were a lot of intramural sports in college, a club diving team and always a lot of running. Lately, I have run a marathon, experimented with a myriad of strength training programs, and dabbled in yoga and Pilates. Although I do it every day, I don’t have a strict workout regime. I love to be active – whether that means long walks with my puppy, early morning runs, or just mowing the lawn and doing a few sit-ups.

I got married in 2007 to a boy (let’s call him Meeker) who makes me laugh- and who really eats like a man: steak, lasagna, bacon, etc. He (thankfully) shares my passion for good food and although he makes fun of me, doesn’t mind hearing me rave over “the best apple in the world…” or how “delicious this salad is!” While I try to strike a balance by involving meat in most of our meals, my favorites are salads, roasted veggies, fruit, trail mix…and cake.