Blueberry ‘Stache

I started this morning with the best green monster I’ve ever had. I just keep adding liquid or fruit until I get the consistency that I like. This was so […]

You’ll have to go to Jubilee

My morning was rushed because I was creating breakfast and dinner at the same time – I hardly ever crave things for breakfast, but this morning, my tummy was begging for […]

What was I thinking?

Love that morning sunlight! My breakfast was disgusting – so I’m not even dignifying it with a picture. For some reason, my sleepy tastebuds thought it would be a good […]

Switch it Up

Hello and Happy Monday! I tried something new this morning and didn’t work out before school. Gasp! This really is a big deal for me, as I’ve been compulsively exercising […]

The Air Smells Like Cows

Whenever the air smells like cows in Colorado, a storm is brewing. The air blows from Greely, CO – where the cattle are kept, and it permeates the whole state. […]

Here’s to Thursday!

Sorry for the grump fest last night. It was just one of those days. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to kick off a new day. After level 3 […]

Flush the Ice

Breakfast(s) Egg whites, spinach, salsa Hot water and banana bread Lunch(s) Baby Carrots and hummus Leftover pasta Cabbage/broccoli slaw Snack(s) Dinner (just one, so far) Yogurt Mess – plain yogurt, […]

I ate too many sweets today

I started the day with a walk, some pilates and coffee in an old Starbucks cup, Cait style. The rate at which we go through jars of peanut butter in […]

Housewife Monday

I want to be a housewife. Today was perfection. Since I had the day off of school, I got laundry done, worked out, cleaned, grocery shopped, baked cookies, walked the […]

Things I Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are some things I love: Trail Mix + four yogurt covered pretzels for breakfast Bellatrix loves all people food…including trail mix. She ate the […]