Simple Pleasures

Breakfast was simple and kept me full for 4.5 hours. Yum-diddy. I actually wasn’t even too hungry for lunch, so I only had half of what I packed. A salad […]

Girly Night

After yesterday’s oats disaster, I decided to go the overnight route for this morning. Guys, this tasted like apple pie! It was so good, and too easy. Last night I […]

Coloring Major

It’s still snowing. Just wanted to let you know. Driving was a little scary, but I made it (white knuckled the whole time). Because of indoor recess, my lunchtime was […]

Messy Monday

First of all, it’s snowing like crazy right now. And I don’t have a delay or a closure or anything. I’m a little terrified of the drive into work – […]

A Nice Little Saturday

Happy Saturday! Here is the latest thing I have been loving. I woke up around 1am last night (after going to bed early) and was hungry – so I made […]

Olive Oyl

I already gushed over my breakfast, so I’ll jump right in with the mid-day yummies. The best kind of lunch: leftovers. This sweet potato stew is still outstanding. Maybe even […]

Morning Person

Good Morning!! I forgot how much I love to blog in the AM. I’m always in the best mood – I’ve just worked out, there is so much potential for […]


First of all, thank you all so much for sharing your mistaken lyrics with me last night! I died laughing at so many of them. I realized that I forgot […]


Wednesdays seem to drag on…no? The longest day of the week, followed by my favorite day of the week tomorrow! I started off this long day with a brisk walk […]

Celebrate Tuesday!

I started the day with pilates and this trashcan sized mug… No, not coffee…(although I did have that later, too) A monster! Of the green variety. Banana, raspberries, spinach, water. […]