This is an ode to yogurt. A yode, if you will. But not just any yogurt, the best yogurt mess I have ever eaten. ¾ cup plain yogurt 1 banana, […]

Applesauce and Red Pens

This morning, after a nice walk with the Punk, I had a very satisfying breakfast. Oats in a very empty almond butter jar. I’m not even sure there was any […]


I just wrote a long post, and then accidentally deleted it, along with all my pictures from the day. Waaaah! In words…workout, green monster, vitatop, leftovers, apple, orange, sunbutter, protein […]

Sleepy Sunday

I ate lunch at 10:50am. Veggies and hummus A delicious and crispy gala The best news – protein brownie batter 30 g chocolate protein powder 2 tbs. water 1 spoonful […]

Dessert for Breakfast

First, make 5-minute chocolate mousse Just tofu, cocoa powder, almond milk and vanilla Then add a spoonful of Justin’s Next, sprinkle some Quaker oat squares over top Now you have […]

Lesson Learned

I guess all of those early morning spin classes caught up with me today. Not only was I exhausted, but I was the hungriest I have been in a long […]

Afternoon at the drive-in…

Third, and last, day of the week for Mrs. Unger. Actually, I do have to be at work tomorrow, but the kiddos don’t – so it’s pretty much a day […]

No Cook Wednesday

I started the day with an hour of Dave Farmar yoga, then hustled myself out the door to work. Eleven hours later, I strolled back in the door and crashed. […]

Jambalaya and a crawfish pie and fillet gumbo…

My day started off with an incredibly energizing and vigorous spin class at 5:30. I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed myself. Not only was the gym unbelievably […]

A Relaxing Monday

Ahh, nothing like a day off of work, and a short week to look forward to. I started my morning with a nice sunny run, followed by yoga for runners. […]