Anyone wanna go halvsies on a pie?

Can anyone guess where I pulled my title from? Hint: think comedian I unintentionally split everything I did/ate this morning into halves – I honestly didn’t think about it until […]

A Sundry Saturday

The morning was spent cleaning, coffee drinking and walking, while the afternoon was spent shopping and eating. Not long after my pumpkin latte, I made a tuna-salad-inspired tempeh lunch. I […]

Figs and Pumpkins

Happy Saturday! So far, the first Saturday of 2010 has been spent, reading, walking and cleaning. For me, that’s pretty indicative of the Saturday’s to come… I started out with […]

Hello 2010!

We made it through 2009 – whew! There were times when I just wasn’t sure. Without the nitty gritties, this has been a pretty tough year for us, and frankly […]

Highlights of December 31st

Happy New Year’s Eve! My day was filled with laziness – and I tried to fully embrace it. I managed to squeeze in a walk (mostly for the dog’s sake) […]

Sweet Start, Sweeter Ending

Breakfast number one – Christmas cookie Breakfast number two – Muesli and banana Breakfast number three (or we could call this lunch) – Omelet 2 egg whites 1 whole egg […]

Again, please.

I wish I could have this type of day every day. It may lose its appeal after some time, but it was just right for today. Breakfast was so leisurely, […]

Cookies and Friends

The cookie party was a success! Here are my girls… (I’m the one in the white/blue stripes on the left) I have known these girls my whole life – they’re […]

Return to Normalcy

I’m so happy to have another week off! The glamorous side of teaching, I guess. Breakfast was leisurely…a bowl of veggie scrambled eggs. And some really good coffee from Meeker’s […]

El Segundo Navidad

I had another Christmas today…another beautiful thing about being married is getting to share in another family’s traditions as well as your own! Win, win. My family’s food tradition for […]