Christmas Crack

This was given to me today by an extremely thoughtful parent in my class. I’m so blessed to work with such kind and supportive families this year. Christmas Crack 2 […]

The Countdown Begins

Such a Monday. It was a long day, and my food was all meh. It all tasted fine, but everything I did today was rushed, and that led to less […]

Cookies, Cookies Everywhere

Here I am before I left for the cookie exchange… and after! Look at all the variety… I somehow managed to only eat one of these (the chocolate buck eyes […]

Weekend Update

I’ve still been eating… but not as much blogging, as things are starting to get busy and hectic with the upcoming holiday! I only really have 4 days left until […]

Food Waster

I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas…. I’m pretty sure fruit cereal is climbing the charts on its way to my favorite breakfast. Just an apple and a […]

One Hour Delay

I woke up and it was twenty-two degrees BELOW zero. Insanity. I’m moving to Arizona. Because of the chilly weather – we had a one hour school delay, which means […]


B is for breakfast – small but good. Three squares of baked tofu, dipped in hummus. L is for lunch – quick and delicious. Leftover chili, 2 carrots dipped in […]

Denim and Dropping Temperatures

Brr! It’s so stinkin’ cold here in Colorado! I’m not even sure the temperature got into the double digits today – eek! I did some easy yogadownload this morning – […]

Half Baked

No, I didn’t spend the day channeling this 90s stoner flick, but I did find myself alternating between baked and raw foods all day. After church, I made some baked […]

A Little Inspiration

I present to you… Sweet Potato Oats in a Pumpkin Butter Jar Alright, I realize it doesn’t look like much at first glance (probably because I used an ENORMOUS jar […]