What a Friday

About 30 seconds after I posted my breakfast, I pulled out of the garage and ripped my passenger side mirror off my BRAND NEW CAR. I immediately burst into tears, […]


I’m tired of this no-grocery challenge week. I want fruit, in mass quantities. I also want yogurt. Unfortunately, the standard breakfast ingredients were eaten LAST week, and therefore are not […]

Tuna and Tofu

I came home for lunch today and tried to find something in the fridge…the no-grocery thing is proving to be challenging. I miss fruit. I did find some ingredients for […]

Thumbs up for Thursday

Thank you all for your well-wishes for my thumb recovery! It actually wasn’t too painful, and it has almost completely healed. It sure makes for a good story though… I […]

Staples and Thumbs

So, the post-work run was about 10x harder than the 5am run. I think it’s just my body’s natural clock. It likes mornings better. However, when I came home to […]


It’s not ideal – but I went with the 4 miles before school/4 miles after school plan today. I just couldn’t bear the idea of 8 miles after a long […]

Scrap Salad and Sandwich

I had the same lunch as yesterday because I loved it so much. However, to stretch it a little more – I added a TON of lettuce. Like ½ head […]

Oats for Running

On mornings that I have a hard workout – like today – I like to have oatmeal as a way of patting myself on the back. It makes it special […]

Can I re-live this day of eating?

I came home to the house smelling like my grandmother’s on Thanksgiving. My sweet Meeker had slow-cooked a pork roast that been in the freezer for months. I tell you […]

Best. Lunch. Ever.

My lunch was so good today that it deserves its own post. I ate it alone in my room while catching up on some parent emails, and I was Mmming […]

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