baked omelette

I really like omelettes, but can never seem to flip them correctly…so I bake them. It is so stinkin’ easy. This morning, I was craving those leftover veggies from last night, […]

this is why I love dessert

All I can say is that I am glad I had a really satisfying lunch and thank goodness for chocolate ice cream. My dinner was…disjointed. The ingredients sounded good on […]

Tuna Melt Nachos

I found a recipe in Everyday with Rachael Ray (the magazine) that was very similar to the lunch I had today – however I adapted it to suit myself. You […]

Kids and Curry

I was cleaning out an old school bag last week, trying to gear up for the next school year (I only have 1.5 weeks of summer left!) and I found […]

+ 3 little nuggets

My brother’s 3 kids are staying with us for the weekend and it is fun, fun, fun! I can’t wait to have kids of my own. Here are some highlights […]

here comes the sun

It finally feels like summer! I think this is the 4th consecutive sunny day in a row – I love it. Bring on the heat. I woke up this morning, […]

it sounds so simple I’ve just got to go

I just took the pup for a walk, and I passed a house that was blasting James Taylor from their deck. They were playing the song “Mexico” – which is […]

morning drive

Happy Thursday! Thursday is my favorite day of the week. To celebrate, I drove Meeker to work today just for a little extra time with him. Also, I really like […]

veggies, veggies everywhere

One great thing about the routine of eating together each night, is that it gives Meeker and I a chance to sit down with each other and debrief. I think […]

Aaah, mornings

I love mornings. Anytime before 10am is my favorite time of day. Even during the summer, I usually don’t sleep in past 7am. I like the light, the temperature, the […]