This wildly inquisitive, gorgeous, lively, refreshing, joyful girl is four today. She’s been filling my soul with joy and laughter for four solid years now. I think back and can’t […]


homeschooling, and why I’m enamored.

As I sit here writing this, both of my children are happily exploring our backyard. One of them is crawling on the ground looking for roley poleys. The other is […]


rainbow stew

Nope. Not a food recipe. An art recipe. Sorry if you came here thinking you were going to see a big bowl of brightly colored vegetables swimming in a delicious […]


photo an hour

6AM 7AM 8AM 9AM (making these granola bars! They’re delicious.) 10AM 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM 6PM 7PM 8PM 9PM 10PM I forgot how much I like putting […]


bento lunchbox giveaway!

Springtime is always unpredictable.Some days you need your swimsuit (like on Easter…halleljuah, my kids swam in a pool on the deck and the adults sat in the sunshine all the […]


easter eggs

I love dying eggs so much. The white contrasted with that bright color. The pretty mess it makes. The joy on my kids’ faces when they pull out a vibrantly […]


toddler lunch ideas

I think I only have about two months left of lumping both of my kids into the toddler category. Weird that I pretty much have a KID now. Like…a kid, […]


fourteen months

Fourteen months feels and awful lot like he’s fifteen months, which is practically one and a half, which might as well be two years old. In the last few weeks, […]


roasted veggie + chicken taco bowls

I made a food and took pictures! Well, I make food all the time. Feels like a thousand times a day, actually. BUT, It felt so nice to plate everything […]


planting seeds

My mama’s birthday was on Friday. It’s always a hard season, this one. Remembering her getting so sick three years ago, celebrating her last birthday (and all the birthdays). Basically […]