easter eggs

I love dying eggs so much. The white contrasted with that bright color. The pretty mess it makes. The joy on my kids’ faces when they pull out a vibrantly […]


toddler lunch ideas

I think I only have about two months left of lumping both of my kids into the toddler category. Weird that I pretty much have a KID now. Like…a kid, […]


fourteen months

Fourteen months feels and awful lot like he’s fifteen months, which is practically one and a half, which might as well be two years old. In the last few weeks, […]


roasted veggie + chicken taco bowls

I made a food and took pictures! Well, I make food all the time. Feels like a thousand times a day, actually. BUT, It felt so nice to plate everything […]


planting seeds

My mama’s birthday was on Friday. It’s always a hard season, this one. Remembering her getting so sick three years ago, celebrating her last birthday (and all the birthdays). Basically […]


winter twig crown

Because, we really want to be skipping around in sundresses wearing flower crowns, but that’s not super realistic. So let’s make the best of it, shall we? (she loves that […]



Nothing makes you appreciate a normal Saturday morning at home like a week of total stress and chaos. Tuesday morning we took Jesse to the doctor because it seemed like […]


snow ice cream

Hi! Are you buried under mountains of snow? I have just the ticket for you! I had actually never made snow ice cream before this (and am actually pretty excited […]


manipulative math

I was talking to my cousin (who is getting her doctorate in math….ooof, she’s so smart it hurts) and I asked her the best place to start with kids & […]


a winter day

(all day, every day…jumping on the couch, cushions cast on to the floor)(sweet pup loves the snow) (caught this touching moment…Meeker telling Adrienne about a time when he was little and […]