manipulative math

I was talking to my cousin (who is getting her doctorate in math….ooof, she’s so smart it hurts) and I asked her the best place to start with kids & […]


a winter day

(all day, every day…jumping on the couch, cushions cast on to the floor)(sweet pup loves the snow) (caught this touching moment…Meeker telling Adrienne about a time when he was little and […]


peas pasta

I’ve got your new boxed mac and cheese. And before you roll your eyes at me, let me say upfront that I have nothing against boxed mac and cheese. In […]


first birthday party

a few pictures from Jesse’s first birthday party last week. This was actually the only first birthday party I’ve thrown. We didn’t have one for Adrienne because my mom was […]


one year.

(the above and below pictures are probably my favorite captures of all time.) One year?? How, what, when?? Exactly one year ago today he and I were rushing to the […]


evolution of a sunrise

Okay, well, see now, I have a new predicament. YOU ALL ARE SO NICE! Thank you so much for all your kind and encouraging comments on my last post. Seriously, […]


the right light

It’s amazing what the lighting in our house can do to my brain. Mornings are alive because the sun streams in through the kitchen windows, bathing everything in a warm, […]


Tiger Tales

This tiger costume was mine when I was little. Probably three years old. Adrienne found it in the basement last week and it hasn’t come off. I’m the same amount […]


tomato basil soup with curry croutons

Happy New Year (exactly eight days late)! 2015 has been freezing and snowy here in Colorado. But we’ve managed to get outside every day, even when we have to wear […]


really quick vanilla latte

Happy New Year! We could probably all use a little coffee this morning, huh? I have to confess, this is a cheater recipe. I mean, it is not the real […]