spinach salad with all the things on top.

I’m not ready to give up summer things like avocado. I know it’s October, but I can’t do it yet. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, it seems like […]


Jesse Jack // 8 months

This little boy has grown so much in the last couple of months. Not only is he an eighteen pound bubba, but he now has six teeth, reddish hair (whaa?), […]


pumpkin spiced white hot chocolate

It’s the time of year when the mornings are freezing and you wear slippers and sweatshirts and then by 9 o’clock you’re tearing layers off and changing into shorts and […]


sink or float :: homeschool activity

Here’s a pretty easy (really easy) activity that I used to do with my third graders. Obviously, I scaled it down a bit for my blonde beauty, but it was […]


toddler reading engagement

When I was pregnant with Adrienne I remember reading an article about how to best teach your kids to become learners. How to teach them to love reading and pursue […]


pink wildflowers

(the winner of Seriously Delish is comment number fifty eight, Sarah F, congrats! Email me and we’ll iron out the details!) We have this little garden bed that sits just […]


simple asparagus ribbon pasta salad :: Seriously Delish giveaway!

This book! The day it landed on my doorstep I started reading it voraciously. Not only is it a cookbook, but the stories! After I read the whole thing (and […]


Interview with Adrienne :: three years old

She’s been telling me how much she likes cold weather lately. She’s pretty pumped for fall. We talk about multiple times a day. Oh and FYI (because as her own […]


dark chocolate granola bark

(I’m in love with this double boiler, it was my grandmothers. I have to take a picture of it whenever I use it) Thanks so much for your response to […]


my little reader

Being a former teacher, I totally thought I knew the joy of watching a child learn to read. It’s sort of miraculous. They go from just looking at these squiggly […]