Autumn Cobb Salad

You know how when you have a subscription to a magazine, it comes a season (or a month) too early? I got the fall edition of Southern Living in early […]


Easy One-Pot Butternut Squash Shells & Cheese

I’d like to say that I made this recipe because I have toddler who eats a lot of mac & cheese and I wanted her to eat some sort of […]


Last Weekend Wedding

I met this beautiful (and blurry…because taking a picture in a moving limo is tough) bride when we were six years old. We sat across from each other in first […]


Pecan Apple Bake

As much as I love summer (and I doooooo, oh I dooooo), I have to say that my favorite food season is fall. But my tastebuds haven’t quite switched over. […]


Cheddar Chive Pancakes

It’s weird that I took a normally sweet, sugary, syrup laden recipe and turned it into savory one. It’s weird because I’m going through this stage of pregnancy where I […]


twenty weeks pregnant

I love being pregnant. This one is going way too quickly. It’s already halfway over. I have to say though, twenty weeks is the sweet spot of pregnancy. I’m not […]


labor day weekend

(belly!) As far as I’m concerned, Labor Day just means the last day to go swimming for the year. As I sit here and write this, it’s in the mid-sixties […]


Zucchini Bread French Toast

…or as Adrienne calls it, french fried ice cube zucchini bread. That girl has a the quirkiest mind I’ve ever met. She is hilarious, you guys. I’m not just saying […]


toddler teaching :: matching colors

Sorry for the crickets around here lately. I just can’t seem to make myself stay inside and cook things when I know that the end of summer is around the […]

Interview with Adrienne // 2 years old

We were walking down the stairs last week, and Adrienne sprinted over to the place where we film these little videos, set up her chair, and said: mama, ask me […]

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