life lately // I love summer so much

                                       My kids are both currently taking the nap of a lifetime in the car (precisely why I […]


summer food love

summer picnic bowls, I’m all in. I made this summer berry trifle last weekend and it was gone in about 2.2 seconds. So pretty and so good. I must be […]


seedy kale salad

The cool thing about making kale salad is that you can let it sit (all dressed and everything!) for hours and hours and it just gets better. As I was […]


the great sand dunes

I grew up going to the sand dunes in southern Colorado with my family. We would camp, hike, play in the water…this place is summer perfection. The other night Meeker […]


an early morning + our outdoor space

I feel like I all talk about is sleep. It’s incredibly boring. I actually catch myself  boring myself in conversations with other mamas (and Meeker and the internet) about the […]


blackberry cherry lemonade

I always feel like it’s the beginning of summer until July hits, and then I start freaking out that summer is going by too quickly. My remedy is to shove […]


strawberry frozen yogurt filled cookies

It’s Friday! How about a cookie? Or two cookies sandwiched together with some frozen creamy strawberry filling? I think so. Berries and cream (whatever combination) makes for my most favorite […]


Jesse Jack // 5 months

This kid. He also has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen (when we’re outside they are NEON). He is tall (long?) and scraggly. Not nearly enough rolls on those legs […]


on having two kids

By far and away, the question I get most since having Jesse is what is it like having two kids now? My quick answer is always, I sleep less. And […]


strawberry arugula salad

Summer is officially here! If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that my joy level during this season just absolutely skyrockets. I feel like I’m walking […]