Mother’s Day

On mother’s day three years ago, I was 41 weeks pregnant with Adrienne. So anxiously awaiting her arrival and my becoming a mama. On Mother’s Day two years ago, we […]


creamy almond butter and honey apple dip

We eat a lot of almonds at our house. A pound a week, easy. They are the go-to snack for all three eaters over here. Roasted + unsalted is our […]


kid’s art table

(^^ tortured artist) Here’s the thing about kids and art. It’s going to be messy. Sometimes you (me!) just have to bite your tongue or sit on your hands and […]


salted caramel almond squares

I can’t remember if I’ve told you the terrible news… I can’t eat chocolate. Well, I can. But I pay for it about four hours later when I feed Jesse, […]


W E E K L Y // 3

It’s been a fun week over here. Meeker had a birthday. Jesse turned three months (how in the heck?) and Adrienne is always the best girl in the whole world. […]


homemade (by a toddler!) butter

Adrienne loves butter. Loves, loves, loves. Usually, when she wakes up in the morning and I ask her what she wants for breakfast, her answer is butter (or milk, or […]


easter morning

Having kids makes holidays so much fun. Jesse and I were up early, which was nice because it gave me time to get the eggs hidden, make doughnuts, and then […]


Coconut Cashew Granola

The hardest part about this recipe was coming up with a name for it.  Do I just list all the ingredients? Coconut Cashew Cherry Oaty Almond Granola? Do I just […]


W E E K L Y // 2

ONE // mornings around here are the best. these kiddos play together(ish) and crack me up. TWO // family pow-wow THREE // little braid + glue sticking rocks FOUR //  […]


Leafy Green Noodle Bowl

I always say I hate springtime (because it’s generally Colorado’s snowiest season), but THIS WEEK. I finally get what all the fuss is about. I want to sing and skip […]