life lately

          You guys. Life is so sweet right now. Even in the wee morning hours when I’m bleary eyed and stumbling around in the dark to […]


Easy Sprinkle Cookies {or Big Sister Cookies}

In some ways, having two kiddos is actually easier than I expected (I forgot how much newborns sleep!), but it turns out that I don’t ever have my arms to […]


Jesse Jack

Our little guy arrived in a flurry on Thursday morning. I started having consistent contractions late Wednesday night, but because I had been having them for months, didn’t take them […]


marinated rainbow veggie salad

You know what I’m really excited about? The almost arrival of my son (allegedly). Sixty-degree days in January (yesterday). Vegetables that I can prepare and keep in my fridge for […]


{sweet sunday} pancakes

Oh how I love Sundays. For the last two years, Meeker worked for our church (along with another job), and so he had to work seven days a week. But […]


easy homemade pretzel buns

No baby yet. I know that’s why ninety-nine percent of you here. Not yet. I’m just as ready as you are. But my body doesn’t seem to be doing anything […]


thirty-eight weeks

Thirty-eight weeks! Holy guacamole. I can’t believe we’re two(ish) weeks away from meeting the little guy… I am so excited I could burst. I am waddling like a champion. I […]


{sweet sunday} salted honey maple skillet cake

It’s been snowing for the better part of three days. Or maybe two. I can’t remember. It feels like weeks. If there was ever a reason for cake, I think […]


Veggie Packed Chicken and Stars Soup

Oh my word. I forgot how good this soup is. Way back when Meeker and I were first married, I used to nannie three kiddos. I was basically a stay-at-home […]


apple lemon mocktail

Happy (almost) New Years Eve! How was your Christmas? Did it fly by like ours did? Seems like it goes faster and faster each year…but also gets more fun. Watching […]