triple berry chia smoothie

This smoothie has purple cabbage in it. I didn’t want to add that to the title though, in case it threw you off. But you really can’t taste it. Maybe […]


spinach pie

I’ve got a new assistant in the kitchen. Adrienne still likes to help (especially if I’m making cookies!), but often she’s off doing big three year old things. Playing dress-up, […]


Life Lately

[all photos taken on my iphone]                   I am currently recovering from mastitis for the gazillionth (okay, third) time. I actually screamed…’SERIOUSLY??!’…when I woke up with it […]


eat the rainbow salad

(winner of the tailor made whiteboard giveaway is comment number 31, congrats Blythe!) Trying to teach a three year old about healthy eating is hilarious and confusing, but mostly hilarious. […]


Tailor Made Whiteboards

One of the things I miss most about teaching is all the organization. The supplies (sticky notes! sharpies! label makers! cubbies!), the lesson planning, and the general feeling that I’m […]


Mother’s Day

On mother’s day three years ago, I was 41 weeks pregnant with Adrienne. So anxiously awaiting her arrival and my becoming a mama. On Mother’s Day two years ago, we […]


creamy almond butter and honey apple dip

We eat a lot of almonds at our house. A pound a week, easy. They are the go-to snack for all three eaters over here. Roasted + unsalted is our […]


kid’s art table

(^^ tortured artist) Here’s the thing about kids and art. It’s going to be messy. Sometimes you (me!) just have to bite your tongue or sit on your hands and […]


salted caramel almond squares

I can’t remember if I’ve told you the terrible news… I can’t eat chocolate. Well, I can. But I pay for it about four hours later when I feed Jesse, […]


W E E K L Y // 3

It’s been a fun week over here. Meeker had a birthday. Jesse turned three months (how in the heck?) and Adrienne is always the best girl in the whole world. […]