thirty-eight weeks

Thirty-eight weeks! Holy guacamole. I can’t believe we’re two(ish) weeks away from meeting the little guy… I am so excited I could burst. I am waddling like a champion. I […]


{sweet sunday} salted honey maple skillet cake

It’s been snowing for the better part of three days. Or maybe two. I can’t remember. It feels like weeks. If there was ever a reason for cake, I think […]


Veggie Packed Chicken and Stars Soup

Oh my word. I forgot how good this soup is. Way back when Meeker and I were first married, I used to nannie three kiddos. I was basically a stay-at-home […]


apple lemon mocktail

Happy (almost) New Years Eve! How was your Christmas? Did it fly by like ours did? Seems like it goes faster and faster each year…but also gets more fun. Watching […]


photo an hour

6AM 7AM 8AM 9AM 10AM 11AM (^^ Adrienne took this picture!) 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM 6PM 7PM (^^blurry Adrienne and her cousin dancing to Christmas music) 8PM (^^my […]


lunch lately

[sweet potato + sautéed collard greens + over easy egg] Lately, I’ve been able to squeeze in five, maybe six, bites of food in my baby-squished-belly before I am on […]


toddler-made gift wrap

I’m not one of those people who has their presents all formally wrapped, tagged and beautifully tied up in fancy bows. I really like plain white or brown paper with […]


Thumbprint Chocolate Lava Cookies + a chocolate tea (milk) party with Lindt!

Adrienne and I had ourselves a special little chocolate party the other day. Because when the holiday season rolls around, and temperatures are in the single digits…chocolate! Chocolate in your […]


brussels sprouts salad + maple roasted cranberry dressing

Oh what’s that? This is sort of like a sandwich I posted last week? Ya got me. But those cranberries! I can’t stop. They’re almost like dried cranberries, but jucier […]


white wonderland

Not our first big snow storm, but definitely the prettiest so far. It was only five degrees yesterday (-12 degrees if you include wind-chill), so we didn’t stay out for […]